Translational Medicine

Translational Medicine is the process which leads from evidence based medicine to sustainable solutions for public health problems. Fulfilling the promise of translational research for improving the health and longevity of the world’s populations depends on developing broad-based teams of scientists and scholars who are able to focus their efforts to link basic scientific discoveries within the arena of clinical investigation, and translating the results of clinical trials into changes in clinical practice.

Decades of basic research has brought us to where we are today, which is at the brink of moving effective gene and drug therapies for retinal degenerative disorders and other diseases from the lab, through the regulatory process, to make these treatments available to patients.

Gene therapy is an entirely new class of medical treatment. With virtually all disease being due at least in part to a genetic cause,  this new industry will present hundreds, if not thousands, of disease targets for decades to come. Advances in developing pharmacological agents that work at the genetic level also offer significant opportunities to treat a broad range of genetic retinal and other disorders.